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Thursday, December 6th, 2007
2:35 am - [USA] Invitation - Academic Survey (LGBTQ)

My partner and I are conducting a national LGBTQ survey and will be presenting the results at a political science conference in New Orleans this January. I was hoping that you would consider filling it out and then passing it along to any friends/family/acquaintances who also identify as LGBTQ and/or posting it to your bulletin.

Thanks in advance!

Details below.......

You are invited to participate in an academic study examining the social and political attitudes and behaviors of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals. As not much is known about the LGBTQ population in the United States, it is important to capture attitudes and behaviors in order to determine if there is indeed a distinctive culture that has the ability to wield social and political influence. Unfortunately, past studies have been geared on the attitudes towards this group, and not actually of the LGBTQ population. Because there has been very little research done in this area, your participation is incredibly important.

After you have completed the survey, we strongly encourage you to forward this survey to your friends, family, and acquaintances that also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Or paste this entire link into your Internet browser:


The researchers conducting this study are a graduate student of political science at California State University, Chico and a doctoral student of political science at the University of New Orleans.

The survey is conducted online with tools in place to ensure that your answers are completely anonymous. Your identity will not be disclosed to anyone, including the researchers. Your participation is completely voluntary and you may skip any questions that may cause you emotional distress, or end the survey at any time by simply clicking on the End Survey link. There is no material benefit for participating in this survey.

Please feel free to conduct the researchers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this survey.

Anna R. Ball
MA Candidate, Political Science
California State University , Chico

Robynn M. Kuhlmann, MA
PhD Student, Political Science
University of New Orleans

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
11:10 pm - The Community I Talked About

This is the community I talked about... it is where you can share the ways God spoke to you that day... any devotions, or anythign you want to share that God showed you that day, so that you can inspire others and let others inspire you... please help this community grow and let God use it for your benefit as well as mine.

image hosting by http://www.freeimagehome.com/

Inspire and Become an Inspiration

x-posted (I want to get the word out)

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
10:31 pm - Mr. Clinton. . .


Dear Mr. Ex President Clinton:
I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, "Thank me, I voted for Clinton-Gore." So, I sat down and reflected on that, and I am sending my "Thank you" for what you have done, specifically:

1. Thank you for introducing us to Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broderick. Did I leave anyone out?

2. Thank you for teaching my 8 year old about oral sex. I had really planned to wait until they were older to discuss it with them, but now they know more about it than I did as a senior in college.

3. Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment in the work place (especially the White House) and on the job is OK, and all you have to know is what the meaning of "is" is. It really is great to know that certain sexual acts are not sex, and one person may have sex while the other one involved does NOT have sex.

4. Thank you for reintroducing the concept of impeachment to a new generation and demonstrating that the ridiculous plot of the movie, "Wag the Dog" could be plausible after all.

5. Thanks for making Jimmy Carter look competent, Gerald Ford look graceful, Richard Nixon look honest, Lyndon Johnson look truthful, and John Kennedy look moral.

6. Thank you for the 73 House and Senate witnesses who have pled the 5th Amendment and 17 witnesses who have fled the country to avoid testifying about Democratic campaign fund raising.
More To Thank Mr. Clinton For...Collapse )
AND THE REST OF THE STORY Hillary Rodham Clinton, as a New York State Senator, now comes under the "Congressional Retirement and Staffing Plan," which means that even if she never gets reelected, she STILL receives her Congressional salary until she dies. (Would it not be nice if all Americans were pension eligible after only 4 years?) If Bill outlives her, he then inherits HER salary until HE dies. He is already getting his Presidential salary until he dies. If Hillary outlives Bill, she also gets HIS salary until she dies. Guess who pays for that? WE DO! It's common knowledge that in order for her to establish NY residency they purchased a million dollar-plus house in upscale Chappaqua, New York. Makes sense. They are entitled to Secret Service protection for life. Still makes sense. Here is where it becomes interesting. The mortgage payments on this property hovers at around $10,000 per month. BUT, an extra residence HAD to be built within the acreage to house the Secret Service agents. The Clintons charge the Federal government $10,000 monthly rent for the use of that extra residence, which is just about equal to their mortgage payment. This means that we, the taxpayers, are paying the Clinton's salary, mortgage, transportation, safety and security, as well as the salaries for their 12 man staff-and, this is all perfectly legal! When she runs for President, will you vote for her?

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
2:18 pm

Well, No one has made a real opinion post hear for quite a while. So I was wondering, What would be the funniest Live journal icon that you have seen anywhere. And it dose not have to be just one.
Mine would have to be this one that say "Some times you just want to.... DANCE!" And there is an animation of a very fat person dancing and extremely high speeds.

current mood: curious

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Friday, May 21st, 2004
6:07 pm - I am new as well

Hi. My Name is Kevin Fennessy. I love anime and Posting on my live journal. I also have a real website, If you want, You can go to my Live journal and there is a link there. But enough about my life.
the reason I joind this community was because I have no friends on LJ and I was hoping to find people interested in the same things that I am. And I know that your proubably getting tired of "I'm new"'s. But I would just like to say, Visit my Live Journal info page to find out more about me.

current mood: excited

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Monday, December 15th, 2003
8:28 pm

hi..new to community obviously. liked this community so i joined. simple enough reason, no? if you want to add me as friend, i'd like that.

interests? say my username out loud and you'll know one of them. im a drummer too. extremely scared of needles. im an insomniac. or so i think...either way, im pretty sure i was made to be nocturnal.

music is a big part of my existence. right now i have these cd's in my stereo: black eyed peas, maroon5, hoobastank, three days grace and incubus.

i tend to be sarcastic, but im working on that. i could be a good student but im also easily unmovitated. i'm also female if that makes an ounce of difference.

"catcher in the rye" is a masterpiece.

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Thursday, November 6th, 2003
8:41 pm - Hi there!

Hey! I'm new, obviously. Like those before like the name and like those before like anime. Well, I got me some friends! ^_~ I'll guess I will go, since I have no idea what else to say. =D

current mood: nerdy

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Monday, February 10th, 2003
11:11 am - Hi!!!!

Hehehe...woo...a community that my Pappa has made! VERY INTERESTING!!!
well, lets see if we can bring this community up to life...well, here goes!


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Thursday, April 4th, 2002
2:26 am - Hmm...

So today is good, eh? Much better than yesterday. Yesterday sucked. I want to forget about yesterday. Go check out my journal if you want to know why. See ya guys!! (if anyone's still here)


current mood: horny

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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
3:27 am - Ack!!!

I've totally neglected my own community!! It's been so long since I've been to LJ..I guess I'll start coming back. So...hmm...looks like we've got more people than just Yaten and myself. Welcome people who've joined my community! I'll keep posting here so it'll stay alive, so all of you need to help me out, ya?? Ok..so anywhoo..it's 3:30 AM (shit..-_-;), so I'll go.
I'll be back in a couple of days though. I'm upgrading to DSL and it'll take a while, ya know?


current mood: tired

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002
11:22 pm - -speak up-

i wanna know more about YOU! im new so i figure if you do so, it would help to break the ice. :

current mood: cheerful

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Saturday, November 24th, 2001
11:17 pm - Heyo

Hi people, hi Evermore. I joined this place, cause I like the sound of "Midnight Lounge."

If you wanna know me, just check out my profile. I'll promote this site on my LJ later.

C ya!

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Saturday, October 13th, 2001
8:36 pm - I new to dah community

Its kinda plain here right now. Might get more people sooner or later. Does you guys like anime?? I'm a weirdo yes I know...

current mood: indescribable

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Sunday, August 19th, 2001
6:18 am

I know x_x
I couldn't think of anything else that night. I'll put more later. I have to prepare for tonight ^_^

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Saturday, August 18th, 2001
6:28 am

And a note: If you want more people to join your community, you HAVE to add more interests than what you currently have. . . =p

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Thursday, August 16th, 2001
2:10 pm

Ok, I'm here. So be happy, ne! Three cheers for me!! Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray!! ::sits down and falls asleep::

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10:43 am - Welcome!

Yay! I finally got around to creating a community! Anyway, this is a place where people come to kick back, bitch about their day, and so on. This is basically where people come to talk about whatever is on their minds. So come on in and join up!
See ya!


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